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Rockwell groundbreaking day. Elmer sold land for the plant
June 20, 1955

Attorney G. Sam Milan, Master of Ceremonies

Rockwell President W. F. (Al) Rockwell, Jr. and Civic Development Board President Earl Davis shovel the first dirt.
June 20, 1955

Left to right - land owner Elmer Shelton, general manager Harry Whipple, Rockwell president W.F. (Al) Rockwell, Jr.
June 20, 1955

W.F. (Al) Rockwell, Jr. (center) and Earl David (right) show Bruce Kennedy a drawing of the new Rockwell plant. Bruce Kennedy was on the Kentucky Agricultural and Industrial Development Board.
June 20, 1955

Water Commissioner N.C. Hancock (light suit, back to camera) and Russellville Mayor Taylor Fuqua (white coat) explain to Rockwell representatives how water will be supplied to the proposed new industrial plant. The group is standing atop theā€¦

Governor Lawrence Wetherby's representative Judge Robert Coleman (left) presents W.F. (Al) Rockwell, Jr. (center) and L.A. Dixon (right) a Kentucky Colonel commission
June 20, 1955
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